NT$ 4,500.00

Chris and his team have developed the new pitcher specifically for improving the convection flow when making latte art. The rounded V shape spout design helps accelerate the pouring speed of the micro-foam and milk. The metal carved logos on each side weighs 4.0 grams. This simple design gives baristas more stable handling when pouring, swinging, and gliding the steam milk into espresso. Now let the number 4.0 be the guardian of your milk lines.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Thickness: 1mm
Volumn: 600ml

1. The wide spout design of the pitcher improves the fluidity of the milk when pouring.
2. Oval-shaped pitcher design lets you create a whirlpool easily when foaming the milk.
3. The weight of the 3D logos gives you better stability and control when swinging the pitcher.
4. The angle of the pitcher handle is designed to make it easier to force the center of gravity to the spout when pouring.

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