Louis Vuitton Exclusive VIP Event

Louis Vuitton Exclusive VIP Event

We're excited to be a part of Louis Vuitton's exclusive Mother's Day event. We were able to offer our one-of-a-kind coffee experience to their VIPs. At the event, the VIPs can participate in various art activities brought by their partners from different fields. For many of the VIPs, it was the first time for them to see such beautiful and delicate latte art.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most well-known luxury brands in the world. If you ask anyone to name a luxury fashion label, LV will most likely come up first. The LV monogram is also one the most recognizable and story-rich icons in the world. CHLIV strives to tell a rich story with the simplicity of our coffee and designs. What we are pursuing is to create an elegant and delightful coffee experience for the masses.





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